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Circulating Supply
172,410,000 ROE
Durability: 0%
i elves
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Total number of sacrificed Eggs
Available Eggs
Claimable Rewards
-- ROE
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Altar of Eggs Explanation:

  • 1. The Egg cannot be retrieved after the sacrifice.
  • 2. Players can sacrifice their Eggs to the Altar, and the Altar will provide players with ROE rewards based on the estimated annualized return (APR) for one year.
  • 3. The rewards will be given every hour, starting 24 hours after sacrificing the Eggs.
  • 4. If the sacrificed Egg is not in a hatchable state, you must wait for the Egg to become hatchable before the rewards can start accumulating.
  • 5. When the total number of sacrificed Eggs reaches the target in each phase, all players will receive additional APR boost rewards.
  • 6. Users will receive additional ROE rewards if they continue to not claim the ROE rewards for a specified number of consecutive days. Once claimed, the previously sacrificed Eggs shall no longer be eligible for additional ROE rewards.
  • 7. The guaranteed minimum APR after including all rewards is 1200%. (This includes the foundational APR rewards, additional ROE rewards, and APR boost rewards.)
  • 8. Claiming ROE rewards will give rise to damaging the altar. Each sacrifice of an Egg will restore the durability of the Altar by 10%. The durability of the Altar will have a consequential effect on the rewards received when claiming the ROE rewards.
  • 9.When sacrificing Eggs, ROE must be sacrificed together, and the amount of ROE required for sacrifice will increase based on the total number of eggs sacrificed at the Altar.
  • 10. If the sacrifice fails, the unspent ROE will accumulate in the altar as ROE balance for use in the next sacrifice. If an error occurs due to the blockchain, the balance will be restored after 3 days.
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