Total number of sacrificed Eggs
Estimated Rewards
ROE Stats
ROE Price
xx USD
Daily Rewards
-- ROE
Circulating Supply
172,410,000 ROE
Durability: 0%
i elves
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Total number of sacrificed Eggs
Available Eggs
Claimable Rewards
-- ROE
Estimated Rewards (Personal)
-- % APR

Altar of Eggs Explanation:

  • 1. The Egg cannot be retrieved after the sacrifice.
  • 2. Players can sacrifice their Eggs to the Altar, and the Altar will provide players with ROE rewards based on the estimated annualized return (APR) for one year.
  • 3. The rewards will be given every hour, starting 24 hours after sacrificing the Eggs.
  • 4. If the sacrificed Egg is not in a hatchable state, you must wait for the Egg to become hatchable before the rewards can start accumulating.
  • 5. When the total number of sacrificed Eggs reaches the target in each phase, all players will receive additional APR boost rewards.
  • 6. Players will receive additional ROE rewards if they continue to not claim the ROE rewards for more than a specified duration.
  • 7. The guaranteed minimum APR after including all rewards is 1200%.
  • 8. There is a chance of damaging the Altar when claiming ROE rewards. Each sacrifice of an Egg will restore the durability of the Altar by 10%, and the durability will directly impact the ROE rewards received during the claiming process.
  • 9.This Elf Egg Altar feedback event is limited to a maximum of 100 eggs per address. If the sacrifice reaches 100 eggs, the durability of the altar will no longer be restored.
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