PVE Adventure

DotIn Adventure mode, players can clear the maps one by one in ten areas, each area will have multiple stages for players to challenge
PVE Stage

Elves' Land

Shadow Peak

Rock Valley

DotOnly the most clever player and the most powerful team can defeat the enemies and the BOSS with different characteristics of each area
PVE Monster
DotOnce you clear the stage, you will receive lots of rewards such as EXP, Crystal of Element, Magic Pages, and Hero Points
PVE Reward
PVE Ability
DotDuring the battle, Elves and Heroes will accumulate ultimate energy(TP) when they defeat the enemy or take damage
DotWhen one's TP is fully charged, the ultimate ability can be released and it can change the whole battle
PVE Battle
DotIf there is a stage you can't clear, try to re-assemble your team, or farm more EXP and Magic Books to level up or summon more Heroes in the previous stages
DotAfter that, you can come back and challenge again
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